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If you would like to write an article or share information relating to the town of Pernes les Fontaines, its heritage, its “people” or its events, contact:


Julie Paturel-Millet

Responsable de l'Office de Tourisme
Place Gabriel Moutte
84210 Pernes les Fontaines

Reception: 04 90 61 31 04
Direct line: 04 90 66 47 57

e-mail: responsable@tourisme-pernes.fr

We organise themed and personalised media events in the field as we believe that there is no better way of discovering and getting a real “feel” for Pernes les Fontaines than by experiencing it for yourself!


For any subject relating to local life, municipal information:


François Vachet

Communications Manager
Hôtel de Ville
Place Aristide Briand
84210  Pernes les Fontaines

Reception: 04 90 61 45 00
Direct line: 04 90 61 45 12

e-mail: communication@perneslesfontaines.fr