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Countryside, orchards, forests and hills around Pernes; an enchanting setting for hiking!


The hills of Pernes offer the perfect setting for hiking with a rich variety of landscapes.

Download the guide 
"Randonnées Pédestres in Pernes-les-Fontaines" HERE



Puy Bricon is a site for walks, leisure activities and for exploring nature.

“Nature and Discovery” walks

The GREEN circuit (300 metres): a short walk with no physical challenges, along a path through the olive trees and in the shade of the Aleppo pines.

The BLUE circuit (900 metres): a walk with a few challenges, at the heart of the Puy Bricon hills, and a chance to discover some Mediterranean plants.

The RED circuit (6 kilometres)a route to Puy Bricon, walking or running, from the sports complex. Longer and more challenging than the other circuits.

Download the circuits in pdf format HERE.



IMPORTANT! Due to the risk of fires, access to the hills is regulated in summer! Before setting off on a hike, telephone the Tourist Office on 04 90 61 31 04 or the prefecture on 04 88 17 80 00 for the latest information
Likewise, you are advised to consult the weather forecast on 3250, before your excursion.