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Pernes les Fontaines proudly displays its savoir-faire!

Make sure you call in at the tourist office to visit the “Local Talents” area devoted to the artists, craftsmen and producers of Pernes.


The "Terroir" Talents

The "Savoir-Faire" Talents


The vibrancy of Pernes les Fontaines results not just from its plentiful sunshine, but also from its terroir and the talents of the men and women who work with it.

The Tourist Office has gathered together in one dedicated area, a full array of produce from the Pernes territory; agricultural or artisanal, each example testifies to the incredible artistic talents of its creator.

This showcase of “Local Talents” will enable you to discover the creations of our terroir and find out where you can visit them for yourselves.
Before you leave, make sure you pick up the booklet containing all the addresses and contact details of our “Local Talents”.

Pierre Gabert
Mayor of Pernes les Fontaines