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The Comtat Costume Museum or the Draper’s shop

At the foot of Ferrande Tower (12th century) in a charming village house, is the Comtat costume museum with its 19th century draper’s shop and its rooms displaying traditional costumes of the Comtat Venaissin.

The draper’s shop, created around 1860, flourished until the Second World War, until the development of ready-to-wear clothes saw its shutters close for the very last time in the 1950s. Since 1992, the shop has been given a second lease of life with its original shelves laden with old fabric swatches, household linen, pique blankets, old shirts, headdresses, haberdashery items and various dressmaking accessories.

On the 1st floor, three rooms present traditional Comtat dress. Period costumes from the beginning and end of the 19th century, which would have been worn by peasants, labourers, artisans and bourgeois ladies are presented in display cases, one of which is reserved for the clothes worn by the wealthy ladies of Perne dressed in the Paris fashions of the time. A wonderful array of cashmere shawls, piqué petticoats, scarves, men’s waistcoats, neckerchiefs, as well as various accessories, such as key fobs, watches, bags, purses, clogs, etc.

Come and discover the Comtat costume museum and admire the meticulous work of the dressmakers, from the time when houses were lit by candlelight.

Musée du Costume Comtadin
Rue de la République
84210 Pernes-les-Fontaines
+ 33 (0)4 90 61 31 04